Amateur Mycology Morel Forays 2011

by Graham on February 20, 2011

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In conjunction with the Colorado Mycological Society, Amateur Mycology is pleased to announce our first annual morel hunts of 2011. James and I have the itch early this year so we have reached out to some of the other fungi folk in warmer climates than Colorado. We have been speaking to McCartney at the Texas Wild Mushrooming Club and Chad and Jude at in Oregon about planning morel forays. Both of these trips are in the early planning/ discussion stages right now and we are the assessing the interest of others who may want to attend. We will more than likely do a road trip to our destination and then camp or cabin when we get there.

If you:

1. Are interested in attending morel forays.
2. Have good out of state mushroom contacts (in particular TX & OR)
3. Are interested and have transportation (particularly RV’s or vans)
4. Have ideas or suggestions about regional places to check out.

Please contact: or

Oregon forays are scheduled for third week of May, Texas the first week of April. For more information, watch the youtube video by McCartney about Texas morels below, or check out the 2011 Morel forays at


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Graham March 30, 2011 at 7:58 pm

We leave today!! Texas here we come!


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