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(10/13/10)-James and I have just completed the Amateur Mycology Culture Library, which I have to say was a pretty huge achievement. We have approx. 30 different mushroom species under cold storage, with multiple ‘strains’ of each one. These mycelium’s abilities are dedicated to all of the members of The Amateur Mycologists for the purposes of mycorestoration. We hope you all excited about these mushrooms as much as we are! Go to the Amateur Mycology Culture Library page of a current list of species in pure culture. We are also currently working on our videos of methods for mycelial expansion. So check back soon and see what’s going on.

(10/16/10)-The 2010 Colorado Agaricus Project is almost over. With the onset of winter temperatures, this is probably one of the last weeks of the year that Agaricus will be abundant in the Denver area. Recently, we have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Rick Kerrigan, director of Sylvan Research, who happens to be one of North America’s Agaricus experts. We have been sending him samples of ‘rare’ Agaricus that have been found in Colorado this year. He has access to genetic sequencing equipment and has been sending us some very interesting results! Check out The Colorado Agaricus Project page for more information.

(3/19/11)-The Jackie’s Farm project has just gotten underway. We hope to set up a sustainable mushroom farm in Brighton, Colorado over the summer. For more information click here, and check back frequently for updates on what is goin’ on down at the farm!

(3/23/11)-We just started a project involving growing tropical fungi in the conservatories of botanical gardens. Kauai Fungi were gracious enough to donate Pink Oyster mycelium to the project, as they are a tropical species of Pleurotus with gorgeous color. We also plan to introduce Ganoderma lucidium, the reishi mushroom, on logs for their beautiful color and perennial growth habits. Check back soon for more info, pictures, and even video of this project in the next few weeks.

(3/30/11)-Leaving for Austin, TX and White Oak, TX today for some early mushroom hunting! And it rained yesterday! We will be filming the rest of our first episode of Amateur Mycology Video Magazine, which will be released on our website soon!

(4/16/11)-Almost finished culturing the mushrooms that were found in Texas. One of the most exciting species that we found, Lentinus lepideus, is related to shiitake mushrooms as is known as a good edible. James and I are excited to have a new wood saprophyte for purposes of remediation, but also as a commercially viable species of Lentinus! I will post pictures soon.

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