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Mycological Societies & Organizations
The North American Mycological Association
The Colorado Mycological Society
Northwest Mushroomers
Pikes Peak Mycological Society
Bay Area Mycological Society
SOMA- Sonoma County Mycological Association
Cascade Mycological Society
Sacramento Area Mushroomers
FFSC- Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz
MSSF- Mycological Society of San Francisco
Wild Rivers Mushroom Club
Western Montana Mycological Association
NATS- North American Truffling Society
Le Cercle des Mycologues de Montréal (CMM)
The Puget Sound Mycological Society
SVIMS- South Vancouver Island Mycological Society
Kenai Peninsula Mycological Society
North Alabama Mushroom Society
Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club
Boston Mycological Club
MMA- The Maine Mycological Association
The Gulf States Mycological Society
The Kaw Valley Mycological Society
Prairie States Mycological Society
The Hoosier Mushroom Society
The Illinois Mycological Society
The Mushroom Club of Georgia
MAW- The Mycological Association of Washington
The Illinois Mycological Society
Berkshire Mycological Society
The San Diego Mycological Society
LAMS- Los Angeles Mycological Society
MYMS- Mid York Mycological Society
The Mid Hudson Mycological Society
Long Island Mycological Society
COMA- The Connecticut-Westchester Mycological Association
The Central New York Mycological Society
NMMS-New Mexico Mycological Society
The Four Corners Mushroom Club
The New Jersey Mycological Association
The Missouri Mycological Society
The Minnesota Mycological Society
WVMS- Willamette Valley Mushroom Society
The Oregon Mycological Society
The Ohio Mushroom Society
AMC- The Asheville Mushroom Club
SVMS- The Susquehanna Valley Mycological Society
RAMA- Rochester Area Mycological Association
Olympic Peninsula Mycological Society
Palouse Mycological Association
The Northwest Mushroomers Association
KPMS- Kitsap Peninsula Mycological Society
The Mushroom Society of Utah
SCUMS- South Carolina Upstate Mycological Society
Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club
Eastern Penn Mushroomers
CPWMC- Central Pennsylvania Wild Mushroom Club
Willamette Valley Mushroom Society
The Wisconsin Mycological Society
The West Virginia Mushroom Club
The Spokane Mushroom Club
SSMC- South Sound Mushroom Club
Snohomish County Mycological Society
NEMF- Northeast Mycological Federation
Mycological Society of Toronto
The Vancouver Mycological Society
Southern Interior Mycological Society
Alberta Mycological Society

Mycological Publications
The Mushroom Growers’ Newsletter
Herman Brown’s Fungi-zette
The Mushroom Observer
Handbook to Species of Special Concern in the Pacific Northwest
Washington State Dept. of Transportation- Mycoremediation of Aged Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contaminants in Soil
Chanterelle Mycelium- US Patent
A New, Commercially Valuable Chanterelle Species, Cantherellus californicus sp.

Mycological Information & Identification Matsutake expert
Matchmaker- Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest
Cornell University-Mycological Resources on the Internet
Cornell’s Mushroom Blog
Michael Kuo-Mushroom Expert
Roger Phillips’ Mushrooms
Tom Volk’s Fungi
David Spahr’s
Studies in the Genus Amanita
Mycologue Publications- Fungi The Fifth Kingdom
Eric Darnell’s Chantharellus Page
Guide to Myxomycetes

Mushroom Photography
David Fischer’s American Mushrooms
Mushroom Hobby
Hugh Smith’s Mushroom Photography

Cultures, Spawn & Other Semi-Commercial Applications
Mushroom Mountain
Garden City Fungi
American Type Culture Collection
Paul Stamets’ Fungi Perfecti
Don Simoni’s Mushroom Adventures
Mexican Mushroom Tours

Interesting Blogs & People
Mycologista Mushroom Blog
GrahamCooks- Recipe Blog
“Wildman” Steve Brill
David Arora
The Glacier Institute
NTFP- Non-Timber Forest Products

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