Mycelial Expansion

by Graham on March 4, 2011

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Our most recent project has been to expand our mycelium onto a large amount of substrate. We have been acquiring large quantities of wood-chip from the City of Littleton, as well as wheat straw that we have been inoculating with various mushroom varieties for use over the summer. This spawn will be used for many purposes including starting a brand new mushroom farm called Jackie’s Farm in Brighton, Colorado as well as for many types of mycorestoration and mycoremediation. Since Oyster mushrooms have been known to be great mycoremediators we have mainly been expanding an oyster mushroom that we have dubbed ‘the ground oyster’. It was found in Denver last year in a golf course growing in the middle of a green. At first James and I figured it was growing on a rotten root that must have extended into the green, however, much to our amazement it was growing from the dirt itself. Under closer inspection it was concreting the soil and rocks together with mycelium. Not only that, but it was one of the largest clusters of oyster mushrooms we had ever seen. This strain of oyster mushroom has shown particular vigor in culture and grows through it’s substrate with lightning speed and efficiency. The picture shown above is a handful of the ‘ground oyster’ mycelium holding the pieces of wood together with much tenacity. There is a little picture gallery to look at below showing some of the things we were doing yesterday. Check back soon for updates on this matter, as well as a tutorial on how to expand mycelium many different ways.

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