Pink Oyster Arrives From Kauai Fungi!

by Graham on April 12, 2011

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The guys over at Kauai Fungi were kind enough to donate 2 petri dishes of Pleurotus djamor, the Pink Oyster Mushroom, to us here at Amateur Mycology for the Amateur Mycology Culture Library. Saturday they arrived in the mail! We quickly made sure they were not sitting in the mail box too long, as it is still very cold here in Colorado, and Pleurotus djamor is known to have mycelial die-back if temperatures go below 60 degrees F. This also brings up the question as to how you keep these tropical mushrooms in cold storage. We will ask Kauai Fungi this week and give you all an update.

If you look at the picture above, you will see a close up of the mycelial growth of the Pink Oyster, which to our surprise, was bright pink!! Dana said it looks like Pepto, and I would have to entirely agree. Interestingly, when I took pieces of it out in the laboratory and transfered them into test tubes, I noticed that it stains the agar that same bright pink! What an interesting fungi.

Now for those of you who do not know what this mushroom is for, James and I went to the Denver Botanic Gardens and spoke to the curator of the tropical plants at the gardens, who is in charge of the plants inside the glass conservatory/ atrium that houses most of the tropical plant specimens. He voiced interest in growing fungi inside this tropical environment, and James and I jumped on the project the first chance we got. When we met and talked about the project, and he explained how he would like tropical species of mushrooms if they were to be displayed inside the conservatory, and lucky for us we already had connections to Kauai Fungi in Hawaii. Despite┬áhis enthusiastic response to the idea, the Pink Oyster will not be displayed inside the DBG’s conservatory using our techniques. However, we have other botanic gardens who are interested. We are also developing other species of mushroom for display, but more research is needed. ┬áCheck back soon for more information!

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